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Just some info about me...


My name is Motordawg. I am a Police Sergeant and motorcyclist. I have owned many motorcycles, the 2002 Kawasaki ZR-7S pictured is my current one. I recently sold a '99 Kawasaki Drifter 1500J1, as my tastes for motorcycling has gone from the 'crusier' style to a more standard style.

The 7S pictured is stock, with the exception of the MDB bellypan, Pyramid Tire hugger, and obviously, both painted to match the overall stock color of the 7S.

I really got tired of the billybadazzes attempting to be a 'biker' and play tough guy, with all their macho crap about 'brotherhood', and what they think is the image of a 'biker'. It isn't what I wanted, so I decided to go back to the standard style of motorcycle, and ride the hell out of it. Which I am doing, and loving it.

I have owned just about every brand, with the exception of BMW. Never owned one, I may in the future. My taste in motorcycling style now runs more into the touring mode, with frequent stops along the way to see different sites, and Americana that exists off of the beaten path. Why would anyone want to miss that? I will jaunt on the freeway, to hasten getting from one place to another, but that only lessens the time I can spend on the backways, and sleepy little towns that 'progress' has forgotten.

Savannah, GA